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May 22, 2012... Heard about that Crazy Body Wrap
Decided to take the PLUNGE because everyone I asked about it said they'd ALSO like to try it.  So, I decided I would earn the commission.  Made sense.  Thought I'd cover the cost of my products.  I went down a pant size after 3 wraps.  And I've discovered amazing natural supplements to take charge of my family's health.  Who wants to pay co-pays and out-of-pocket minimums?  

Then, I quickly (within one week) was making some money and I started dreaming.

Kicked it into gear and earned a coveted G.O.O.D. bonus when I promoted to Diamond Executive Distributor in 3 months.  Soon...our income started to explode.  September-December, when we needed the extra money I had not expected, I paid our home loan, an oral surgery, 3 birthdays and Christmas WITH CASH!  Along with a new house keeper and guitar lessons for our daughter. 

Greg and I SEE THE VISION with this company!  We are feeling great and enjoying the fruit of our labor.  I've never sold anything that people were contacting ME for like I have with It Works Global.  Of course, I let it be known and work this business diligently.  It's paying off and we're HOOKED!!!   I'm working towards taking my business to the next level and I'm searching for customers who'd like to try the products as well as business partners who'd like to CHANGE THE COURSE OF THEIR FAMILY!  What are your DREAMS & GOALS?  Don't know?  Think about it.  Write it down.  Call me.  I can help you with a plan and we can go get it!   Trust God with the outcome, but work hard and enjoy the ride!

If you would like to buy for yourself at wholesale, click shop.  Fill up your shopping bag.  At checkout, sign up to be a loyal customer.  Buy something 3 months and you are eligible to buy wholesale for life.  Want to be a distributor and earn some great residual income?  Either click opportunity and join or contact me.  I'll help you get started!   Thanks for checking in!  Suzanne Grimaud 405.820.4847  Find me on Facebook!

BTW:  Our wraps aren't the ONLY thing going right now.  The Greens, our multi-vitamin, "It's Vital" and our Fat Fighter are also hot pics.  Check out this video on what the Fat Fighter actually does in your body:   It contains the popular Garcinea Cambogia extract Dr. Oz is talking about.

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